Folder presenting the project “User Influence in Forensic Psychiatric Care”.



Folder presenting “User Influence in Forensic Psychiatric Care”

A short informative folder presenting the work of NSPH’s project “User Influence in Forensic Psychiatric Care”.

The project is focused on forensic psychiatric care and the aim is to:

  • Increase the patients’ possibilities to influence how the treatment is provided at the clinics
  • Increase the clinics’ possibilities to run their services based on the patients’ needs and views.

People who are admitted to forensic psychiatric services seldom have any opportunity to have a say about their own treatment. Many also feel ashamed when talking about their experiences. Efforts are made to involve patients in their treatment in the forensic psychiatric clinics in Sweden, but there is a great capacity to increase the level of user influence.

NSPH (The Swedish Partnership for Mental Health) has therefore started a three-year project focusing on forensic psychiatric care, financed by the Swedish State Inheritance Fund.

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Read more about the project on their website (in Swedish)

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